Terms of Use
ITEM8 Limited
October 1, 2017
1. Terms and definitions used in the User Agreement
User - information agencies, electronic and print media, individuals and legal entities that access information on the site: http://item8.io.

The site is a set of integrated software and hardware, as well as information intended for publication on the Internet and displayed in a specific text, graphic or audio form, located at: http://item8.io.
2. General use of the site
This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) establishes rules and conditions for the use of information, news and other materials posted on the website: http://item8.io.

Use of the site by the User means that the User accepts and agrees to comply with all of the following terms of this Agreement.

This Agreement may be changed in whole or in part by an online edition of http://item8.io at any time, without any special notice.

The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its publication on the website http://item8.io.
3. Terms of use of materials posted on the site
The use of materials means reproduction, distribution, public display, broadcast, cable communication, translation, processing, communication to the public and other means of use provided for by the current legislation of Cyprus and EU.

The site contains materials, trademarks and other legally protected materials, including but not limited to texts, photographs, video materials, graphic images, music and sound works.

Moreover, the entire content of the site is protected by law as a work created by collective creative work in accordance with the provisions of the law of Cyprus and EU.

ITEM8 Limited owns exclusive rights to use the content of the site: http://item8.io (including the right to select, arrange, organize and transform the data contained on the site http://item8.io, as well as the original data itself), except in the cases specified separately in the content of the materials published on the site http://item8.io.

Use of any information from the Site of the Edition for any purpose, except in personal, without the consent of the ITEM8 Limited not allowed.

Unless otherwise provided by the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, copying, distribution, transfer to third parties, publication or other commercial use of materials uploaded from the site is prohibited without the written permission of the ITEM8 Limited or other legitimate copyright owner.

Commercial use of the materials of the site http://item8.io is carried out on the basis of contracts concluded in writing.

If necessary, use of materials belonging to the site: http://item8.io Users are required to obtain the written permission (consent) of the site to use such materials on a reimbursable basis.

Use of the materials of the site: http://item8.io, In the scope and purposes not provided for by the contract between ITEM8 Limited and the User, as well as without a contract is not allowed.

The provisions specified in this section of the Agreement provide for the protection of the interests of ITEM8 Limited and third parties who are the owners of rights in relation to the materials of the site. At the same time, all rights holders have the right to exercise their rights specified in this Agreement independently.
4. Obligations of Users when using materials
When using publication materials for any purpose other than personal, the link to the site http://item8.io is required in printed editions or in other forms on material carriers.

Users are obliged in each case to use materials to indicate the source - "Source: http://item8.io" on the Internet or other forms of use in electronic form. Users in each case of use of materials are obliged to place a hyperlink to the page of the site http://item8.io, where the relevant material is posted.

The reference to the source or the hyperlink specified above should be placed by the User at the beginning of the used text material, and also directly under the used audio, video, photographic material, graphic material of the site.

The font size of the source link or hyperlink must not be less than the font size of the text in which the site materials are used, or the font size of the User's text that accompanies the audio, video, photo and graphic materials of the site.

Use of the site materials: http://item8.io, Obtained from secondary sources, is possible only with reference to these sources.

When using the materials of the site, the processing of their original text is not allowed. Reduction of the material is possible only if it does not lead to a distortion of its meaning. In this case, Users are themselves responsible for distorting the meaning of the materials.
5. Rules for posting comments
Users are strictly prohibited from using abusive language, calling for national and religious discord, using extremist, nationalist, racist statements, defaming and insulting the dignity of other users, prominent public figures, and other statements that violate the laws of Cyprus and EU.

The site http://item8.io administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to delete comments that violate the established prohibitions.