and Tariffs Comparison
Monthly Price
On Demand
100 000
200 000
500 000
Individual Price
Cost Per Extra Billed Conversion
Individual Price
Full Set of CRM Features
Full Set of Billing Features
Reports and Analytics
Dunning Management
Mass-Payment Orders Generation
Custom Document Templates&Layouts
Love your Team
Win back their Time
Let's say, you have 1000 bills and invoices, plus 200 agreements and IOs every month

You spend 30 mins on each document:
- generate it, check it,
- send it to your customer,
- approve it and store it.

Add the time spent on tasks switching
and risks of human mistakes.
item8 will save you up to 600 effective hours every month.

Hire new people. Let your Team focus on your Affiliates and Advertisers.
Run more campaigns.

Be faster than your competitors!
People First
Your Team picks item8 intuitively.
No need to train them for weeks.
Try Demo now!
Built for Performance Networks
powered by HasOffers
Billed Conversions
Every month item8 automatically collects conversions from HasOffers tracking.
Collected conversions are processed by billing engine of item8 to create Bills for Affiliates and Invoices for Advertisers.

item8 will process all the conversions that exist in HasOffers for the current month.
If the amount of billed conversions exceeds the corresponding Plan limit, extra fee will be applied for processing of exceeding conversions.