Scale your sales.

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Item8 - CRM functions for HasOffer Performance Networks
  • Collect leads from WordPress, external CRMs or entering them manually in UI.
  • Manage Contacts of your Affiliates and Advertisers. Mark who of them is in charge for campaigns management, finance or other questions.
  • MailChimp. Auto-export of your Affiliate and Advertiser lists and send them elegant emails with smarter analytics.
  • Multiple legal entities for each Affiliate and Advertiser. Easily change payment details in bills and invoices.
  • Agreements and IOs. Create them and manage the signing process.
  • Generate DOCX files of Agreements and IOs from your pre-defined templates.
  • Upload and store any files in Advertisers and Affiliates profiles. Keep all related documents nearby.
  • Lead management. Check sales reports and make sure your Advertisers and Affiliates aren't slipping through the cracks.
item8 is seamlessly integrated with HasOffers via API.

It's flexible. No need to change how you run your business.
Item8 - Billing functions for HasOffer Performance Networks


Match all items of your Profit
from every Bill and Invoice
to each single Conversion.

No PnL leakages accepted!
  • Postpaid Bills and Invoices based on HasOffers stats.
  • Prepaid Bills and Invoices.
  • Bills and Invoices Lifecycle. Approve them before paying. The workflow is automatic and customizable.
  • Custom Bills and Invoices based on manually inserted stats. Add any custom items into any of your Bills and Invoices.
  • Auto-Email Bills and Invoices to your Affiliates and Advertisers.
  • Generate Bills and Invoices in PDF and store them in Affiliates and Advertisers profiles.
  • Customizable Payment Terms. Collect your account receivables faster with payment auto-reminders.
  • Mass-Payment Orders generated directly in CSV to process payments at ease.
  • Integration with QuickBooks. Sync your Bills, Invoices and Payments.
  • Affiliate and Advertiser Balances shown in profiles and reports.
  • Coverage of Payouts by paid Advertisers' Invoices. Decide better which Bill to pay for. Manage your CashFlow sharper.
  • Pending Conversions can be automatically included into next Bills and Invoices.
  • Dunning Management. Collect your overdue payments faster with smart Email notifications.


Control your clients, campaigns and finances smarter

Customizable, cross-linked and easily-shared Reports
    • Affiliates and Advertisers
    • Affiliates Traffic Sources
    • Bills and Invoices
    • Debt and Credit
    • Payments and Adjustment
    • Financial Repositories CashFlow
    • Daily Reports on how your offers perform
    also included
    • Currencies, countries and documents are customizable
    • Full Logs, Comments and Actions History for All Objects
    • User Roles and Permissions Management
    • Importing Employees, Affiliates and Advertisers from HasOffers
    • Asynchronous Jobs for Syncing Data from HasOffers
    • Custom layouts, prefixes and names for Agreements, IOs, Invoices and Bills; custom Email Templates
    • Attaching any Files to any Object
    • Integrating with HasOffers Additional Pages via iFrame
    • Export of any data as CSV
    • Enthusiastic Support ready to help you 14/7.
    Integrated Systems
    RESTful API allows adding new integrations easily
    Our team has 14+ years of experience in affiliate and performance marketing. We know your business.
    If you are a growing start-up - refer to us for help and consultations on setting proper CRM and billing processes.
    Sync Employees, Affiliates, Advertisers and their Users, Offers, Bills, Invoices and Payments
    Sync Affiliates, Advertisers, Bills, Invoices and Payments
    Sync lists of Advertisers and Affiliates plus the Offers that your Affiliates run.
    Generate mass-payment orders for Tipalti.