CRM and Billing Software
for Ad Networks

Control Sales, Manage Bills, Invoices and Payments.
Focus on Performance! Not paperwork.
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One Dashboard to Rule

  • No more jumping between apps and spreadsheets for CRM, Billing and Reporting.
  • Analyze better with enhanced reporting.
  • Let it do the mundane paperwork for you.

item8 is seamlessly integrated with HasOffers via API.

It's flexible. No need to change how you run your business.
Eliminating Risks for Performance Networks
integrated with

No more managing Advertiser and Affiliate leads in spreadsheets.
Follow the flow of documents and feel certain that no one dropped the ball.
Standardize agreements, IOs, bills and invoices.
Easily view your billing activities and count your payables and receivables.
Enhance your Network with new CRM and Billing features.
Compatible with Desktop and Mobile campaigns.
Our thorough developers guarantee it!
It's auto-backed up and always can be exported in CSV.
The consistency of data is auto-tested.
Our team has 14+ years of experience in affiliate and performance marketing.
Uptime 99.9%
Data is always yours
We know the business
Rely on item8
Already streamlined by item8
13 323
Bills and Invoices created
15 mln
Conversions processed
$ 24 mln
Turnover controlled

item8 Can Help With

Documents Storage
Important documents and scans can be hard to find if kept on your employees' computers or cloud folders.

Generate and store all Agreements, IOs, Bills, Invoices or any related files in an Advertiser/Affiliate profile of item8.

Download them at any time.

Prepaid Bills and Invoices
Managing prepayments and controlling balances is a hard task if you do it in separate systems.

Issue Prepaid Bills and Invoices in item8 and control all your cash flow in one place.
Custom Bills and Invoices
If you issue Invoices for the services provided not by HasOffers platform, don't manage them in Docs and Spreadsheets.

Create any Prepaid or Postpaid Bills and Invoices by filling in any custom items or adjustments that you want.

Control all items in one system.

Best For Startups and Small Networks
  • 100 000 Conversions
    Included in Billing
  • $0,0035 Per Extra Conversion

  • Email Support
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 99,9% Uptime

  • CRM Features
  • Billing Features
  • Reports and Analytics
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Best For Mid-size Networks and Agencies
  • 200 000 Conversions
    Included in Billing
  • $0,0030 Per Extra Conversion

  • Email Support
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 99,9% Uptime

  • CRM Features
  • Billing Features
  • Reports and Analytics
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For Any Company with Specific Requirements
$ Special/mo
  • Any Amount of Billed Conversions
  • Individual Price Per Conversion

  • Support on SLA
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 99,9% Uptime

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If you are a growing start-up - refer to us for help and consultations on setting proper CRM and billing processes.

How item8 Stacks Up

It's Cheaper
Than an in-house Developers Team.
Better Adapted to Advertising
Than multifunctional enterprise CRM and billing systems.
Faster and more Purposeful
Than Spreadsheets
People First
Your Team picks item8 intuitively.
No need to train them for weeks.

Let's Start

Less paperwork. More business.
Deploy Instance
We set up item8 server for you and provide you Admin's credentials.
Setup Account
You apply your account settings, which takes about 20 minutes.
Sync Data
item8 imports your Advertisers, Affiliates, Offers and Employees from HasOffers.
Give Access to your Team
You send your Team their passwords. And now it's done.

Try Demo for Free

Email with demo credentials comes in few minutes.
After seeing a demo let's set up a free and working trial account for you.
The first 30 days will be on us. No credit card required.
And it won't affect your data in HasOffers without asking.